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A Stink that Urges to Taste

FeetExtreme an 22. Februar 2016 - 11:42 in Footfetish

We were busy shooting some solo material with Candy in the studio, when Eryss payed us a visit. She came in her old New Rock boots, with the stinky sweat of many gigs and festivals conserved inside. To be even more tempting, she had a black pantyhose on. When Candy noticed this, she told me to fuck the schedule, let’s do a scene where she can smell those boots. Not too surprisingly I agreed, and in minutes Candy started to inhale the stink of Eryss‘ boots. She got so turned on by the fetid smell, that she had to tast her bare soles, just to pet her sense of taste with the salty sweat within. She teared Eryss‘ nylons open, and started to play with her soft, wrinkly soles…

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