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Drink my Footbath

FeetExtreme an 22. Februar 2016 - 10:32 in Lezdom

Candy Blade has kept her slavegirl all this hot day without water. Poor thirsty Clarissa had to kneel alone in the room with her hands cuffed behind her. Candy is just back from her jogging, she teases her slave with a bottle of water, but shows no mercy for her. She has an evil plan for her. She takes off her shoes and reveals that she had plastic wrap on her bare feet! Her soles are throbbing hot and dripping wet from the sweat of the workout. Candy puts her feet into a bowl and pour some water on them, to wash off the perspiration. It’s time to humiliate her slave : the puts a straw in between her toes, and makes Clarissa drink all the barely diluted sweat out of the bowl. Ultimately she lets her get the remaining drips from her feet

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