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Smile to the Camera

FeetExtreme an 21. Februar 2016 - 9:25 in Lezdom

Candy Blade loves the suffering face of her footslave so much she decided to record her humiliation on camera! In her old sneakers and well worn socks she sits on the table, her slave Clarissa at her feet waiting orders. She must kiss her Mistress‘ shoes and lick the bottoms. There is no time to hesitate, no chance to escape! She must take off Candy’s stinky shoes, hold them up to her own nose while Candy records the whole scene! She has to face the camera no matter her Mistress never stops laughing at her! What a humiliation! But that’s just nothing compared to the follow up! Clarissa must deeply inhale those sweaty socks, until that sour stink fills her lugs up completely. Candy even orders her a few times to hold her breath while keeping the stink within, until her lungs burn! There is no relief, just the stink of Candy’s socks again! Clarissa must remove them, take them into her mouth facing the camera and has to keep them there while she goes on sniffing Candy’s naked feet. To qualify for an Oscar, Clarissa must stick her tongue out, and get ready for all the sweat of Candy’s soles!

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