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Stink Endurance Training

FeetExtreme an 22. Februar 2016 - 9:37 in Lezdom

Beautiful and merciless Candy Blade trains her new slavegirl Clarissa to endure the stink of her well-worn sneakers. Theese are amongst the smelliest in her collection : the sweat of intensive workouts, jogging and long shifts at work all conserved into a fetid stench that makes her feet stinky as hell in no time, yet she wore them for quite a few hours before shooting this video. Clarissa must kneel before her, take off her sneakers and smell them. She has a hard time, the smell of theese sneakers are unbearable. But Candy shows no mercy, she relentlessly shoves them to her slave’s face and makes her smell them again and again. After the shoes Clarissa must suffer the smell of Candy’s sweaty socks and bare feet, she almost cries but there is no chance of disobedience! Lying on the floor she lets Candy wipe her sweaty soles into her face and shove her worn socks into her mouth. Of course Candy doesn’t let this be finished without making her slave taste the sweat of her gorgeous feet

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